This part of the documentation covers the installation of SQLAlchemy-Utils.

Supported platforms

SQLAlchemy-Utils is currently tested against the following Python platforms.

  • cPython 3.6
  • cPython 3.7
  • cPython 3.8
  • cPython 3.9
  • cPython 3.10
  • cPython 3.11

Installing an official release

You can install the most recent official SQLAlchemy-Utils version using pip:

pip install sqlalchemy-utils

Installing the development version

To install the latest version of SQLAlchemy-Utils, you need first obtain a copy of the source. You can do that by cloning the git repository:

git clone git://

Then you can install the source distribution using pip:

cd sqlalchemy-utils
pip install -e .

Checking the installation

To check that SQLAlchemy-Utils has been properly installed, type python from your shell. Then at the Python prompt, try to import SQLAlchemy-Utils, and check the installed version:

>>> import sqlalchemy_utils
>>> sqlalchemy_utils.__version__